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Stealth Noise Reduction Technology

For customers using Carrier’s X2 units with the Stealth option, the products just got quieter.


Stealth Noise Reduction Technology

Carrier Transicold is pleased to announce several new technological upgrades which make its X2 line of units the quietest it hasever produced. These specially engineered components reduce the noise of the standard 2100A and 2500A units, for customers with particularly sensitive noise reduction needs.

V-Force Fan

We have all heard of the condenser/radiator fan in the reefer, whose job it is to move air over the condenser and radiator coilsto keep the engine running cool and the compressor refrigerant head pressures down. But a fan can be just a fan, meaning sometimes it just moves air.

The new V-Force Fan (patent pending technology) is the first specifically engineered component designed by Carriers’ acoustic and aerodynamic experts to not only move air across the condenser and radiator coils, but to do it in an efficient, quiet, and high-tech manner.

Now the condenser/radiator impeller fan has been upgraded on X2 units with the V-Force Fan, whose multi-axial vanes use the samedesign concepts as submarine propellers to optimize flow, maximize efficiency, and minimize noise.

Tuned Intake

Carrier Transicold is also pleased to announce the availability of its next generation “Stealth 2” noise reduction for X2 trailer products. Stealth 2 enhances the noise suppression and sound quality by integrating a Tuned Intake System.

The Tuned Intake System targets low frequency wavelengths, which are the rumbling noises from the engine that can travel longer distances and cause noise concerns with neighborsin residential areas or during urban deliveries. The Tuned Intake System primarily employs a “Helmholtz” resonator, an acoustically engineered chamber that captures and dissipates targeted sound wavelengths before they have a chance to propagate away from the reefer. The Tuned Intake System is able to achieve a 30 dbAreduction in sound at its targeted frequencies. Its unique design dampens these low frequency noises, or rumbling diesel engine noises, so they are quieter and do not travel as far.

The Tuned Intake System is specifically designed to be especially effective on the newer Tier 4 Interim engines, which were implemented into most X2 products in early 2008. The Tier 4 Interim engine not only reduces Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) emissions 30% beyond what is required by U.S. EPA, but it is also 1%-2% more fuel efficient and emits up to 1.5 dbAless noise.


For system cooling, particularly in high-ambient operations, the V-Force fan delivers 8 percent more airflow to the radiator  condenser than a conventional condenser fan. A cooler andcondenser also helps keep down compressor head pressures, reducing the power needed to operate the compressor for both better fuel economy and longer compressor life.