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Carrier understands that in today’s competitive world, you have to deliver the freshest product at the lowest cost. To ensureconsistent product quality balanced with cost of operation, you need advanced tools. The ADVANCE Microprocessor Controller ishighly configurable and programmable using an easy and accurate PC card interface. This ensures consistent set up on all units in your fleet using customised configurations to suit your needs.

The ADVANCE Microprocessor Controller can control your unit with Continuous or Stop/Start operation for maximum product protection and fuel economy using EcoFuel & CoolSet functions.

Settings can be configured and locked to prevent operator error. The inbuilt data recorder allows users to monitor and recordall unit operations and can be used as proof of product protection as well as an advanced maintenance tool. Programmable IntelliSetsallow for error free control of set-point and other parameters for various cargo types using only 3 keys on the keypad. The option ofa fully functional rear controller is available and can perform all of the functions of the unit keypad.

A unique feature of the controller is inbuilt, multiple redundancies to ensure that even in the unlikely event of a sensor failure, the unit will continue to operate. Using complex logic and input from other sensors, it remains in total control of your precious cargo.


More than just a temperature control, the Advance microprocessor can be configured to achieve an optimal balance between temperature management and fuel economy. The IntelliSet option provides the ability to program different refrigeration parameters for multiple commodities, which the driver can then easily select by name from a scrolling list.