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Innovation is a way of life at Carrier. Our expert refrigeration engineers focus on using intelligent design and technology to develop efficient, precisely engineered temperature control solutions. Here are a few of the world-leading innovations that have helped us become the number one choice in transport refrigeration.

Hybrid Diesel/Electric
Hybrid Diesel Electric

Presenting the VECTOR hybrid diesel-electric technology from Carrier Transicold. The first hybrid refrigeration system in the transport industry. This engineering exclusive from Carrier combines an engine-driven generator with patented electric technology to deliver the best performance, highest reliability, and lowest life-cycle cost in its class.

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Stealth Noise Reduction Technology
Stealth Noise Reduction Technology Carrier Transicold is pleased to announce several new technological upgrades which make its X2 line of units the quietest it hasever produced. These specially engineered components reduce the noise of the standard 2100A and 2500A units, for customers with particularly sensitive noise reduction needs.

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Advance Micro Carrier understands that in today’s competitive world, you have to deliver the freshest product at the lowest cost. To ensureconsistent product quality balanced with cost of operation, you need advanced tools.

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